Arcese Quarter Horses

Verona, Italy & Clements, CA

With ranches in both the United States and Italy, as well as a few dozen show horses and eight stallions, we purchase a lot of blankets, bags and halters throughout the year. We value quality and fit, and have found that the Big "D" blankets and halters are superb- we trust the craftsmanship, quality and they look great.

Carol Rose

Gainseville, TX

During the breeding season we can have as many as 400 plus horses on the ranch. We are constantly haltering horses, whether it is one of our horses waiting it's turn on a training day or out on the hot walker, or a yearling being conditioned for a sale, or a broodmare being palpated- halters and leads are important and used 365 days a year. Our Big "D" products never fail us.

Todd Bergen

Eagle Point, OR

I train out of southern Oregon where we have long cold winters and hot dry summers, so for us- blanketing horses is important. I am very particular about the way my show horses look, that means that all of our blankets must function, fit and hold up. My Big "D" blankets work great, the horses coat always looks terrific, and I don't worry about the blankets not fitting correctly.

Todd Crawford

Blanchard, OK

You tend to take your halters for granted; it is really a trainers most used and trusted tool. The first step in developing a relationship is with halter breaking, then from that time on a horses work day will usually begin and end in a halter. For me I need a halter that fits well and is very durable, Big "D" halters are both.

Todd Crawford

Blanchard, OK

Big "D" Products keeps us looking good, but more importantly, it is the Big "D" fit, comfort and durability that are built into these products that we depend on most for our show horses, broodmares and stallions.